Aim and Scoop

Since the beginning of the last century, the fundamental theoretical and experimental bases of plasticity, damage and fatigue of materials and structures have been established and applied in several fields of engineering those covering industrial constructions, infrastructures, superstructures and geotechnics. 

The International Journal of Plasticity, Damage and Fracture (IJPDF) invites researchers to produce research papers, case studies and conference proceedings, primarily, in the following areas:

  • Mechanical Engineering and Technology: Applied mechanics, Fatigue and creep behavior of advanced materials, Advanced characterization of materials, High performance of composites, Mechanical vibrations, Friction and wear mechanism of materials, Unconventional manufacturing , Large plastic deformations, High strength polymers, Welding and assembly processes, Analysis and simulation of manufacturing processes, …
  • Civil and Geotechnical Engineering: Engineering of concrete structures, Engineering of steel structures, Engineering of wooden structures, Seismic engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Infrastructure engineering, Hydraulic engineering, Modeling of wind, fire and explosions, Structural rehabilitation of structures, ..
  • Multiphysics Engineering and Mathematics: Applied mathematics, Numerical methods and computer calculation techniques, Numerical simulation including pre- and post[1]processing, Design techniques, Optimization methods, Computer technology, Software development for engineering applications, Fluid dynamics, Heat transfer, Energy systems, Advances in thermodynamics, Applications in transport systems, Electromechanical engineering, Multiphysics coupling, ..