Peer Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to IJPDF are initially evaluated for their relevance to the scope of the journal and for the quality of writing. Submissions sent for full blind review are read by up to three reviewers. The review process typically takes 3-4 months, but may take longer for manuscripts of more than 10,000 words or if reviewers with specialised expertise are required. Once the four stages of the review process are complete, the article will be sent to the reviewer by the editor to begin the peer review process, which is conducted by up to three reviewers using the Double-Blind Peer Review method. The reviewer can give his recommendation such as:

  1. Accept Submission: the article is accepted to be published without having revision in substances.
  1. Revision Required: the article with minor revision, the article is sent to the Author to be revised (when the Author has sent the revision, the article can be accepted to be published).
  1. Resubmit for Review: the article with major revision. After revision is done by the Author, the article is resubmitted to the reviewer to be reviewed again ( maximum of three times resubmit), If the article is not quite right in substance after the fourth review, the reviewer is allowed to give a recommendation as Decline Submission.
  1. Resubmit Elsewhere: in substance, the article is considered as less suitable and suggested to be submitted to other journals.
  1. Decline Submission: the article is rejected by the reviewer (considered less suitable to be published in the journal).